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2 min readMay 21, 2024


Sustaining Project Costs and Empowering the Community


In the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape, ensuring the sustainability of projects is paramount. Apex Vault recognizes this critical aspect and has implemented innovative strategies to generate consistent and reliable revenue streams for both the team and the community. Through various mechanisms such as swap fees, protocol-owned liquidity, team emissions, and team voting, Apex Vault is committed to fostering financial stability and empowerment within its ecosystem.

Swap Fees:

One of the primary revenue-generating mechanisms within Apex Vault is through swap fees. Trading fees accrued from liquidity pools without gauges are directed to the protocol’s tank. However, once a gauge is established for a specific pool, this feature is disabled. The team exercises full discretion over the utilization of these fees, which may include activities such as APXV token buybacks and burns, incentivizing core pools, funding development initiatives, among others.

Protocol-Owned Liquidity:

In the pursuit of financial sustainability, Apex Vault has implemented a protocol-owned liquidity strategy. The initial liquidity-providing APXV pool on Apex Vault does not generate revenue. Furthermore, emissions from this pool are non-existent, and upon fulfilling its purpose, the tokens within the pool will be burned, ensuring a controlled and efficient management of liquidity resources.

Team Emissions:

To support the operational needs of the project, a portion of emissions from Equinox, totaling four percent, is directed towards the Apex Vault treasury. These APXV tokens serve as a valuable resource for the team, enabling activities such as token buybacks, incentivizing liquidity provision, funding development projects, and enhancing team member engagement through increased voting power.

Team Voting:

At Apex Vault, every team member holds a personal veAPXV (voting-enabled APXV) balance, granting them the ability to participate in governance decisions. This democratized approach empowers team members to actively contribute to the project’s success while also providing an opportunity to generate income through informed voting decisions.


In the pursuit of sustainability and community empowerment, Apex Vault has implemented a robust protocol revenue model. Through innovative strategies such as swap fees, protocol-owned liquidity, team emissions, and team voting, Apex Vault not only ensures the viability of the project but also fosters an inclusive and participatory environment where stakeholders have a voice in shaping the future of DeFi.

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